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Equipment Lease Structures

Lease Finance Partners understands the needs of small to mid-sized businesses.That’s why we offer a variety of special finance programs to help business owners manage their cash flow and equipment needs.

The 10% Purchase Option lease provides a middle ground for monthly payments. The lessee's payment will, typically, be slightly higher than an FMV rate, but at lease termination, the lessee must pay a pre-determined buyout price of 10% of the total equipment cost. This "middle ground" lease is designed for a lessee looking to buy the equipment at lease termination, with monthly payments not as high as the $1 Purchase Option.

End of lease 10% purchase options include: purchasing the equipment for 10% of the original equipment cost; continuing the lease on a monthly basis; trading up to a new lease/equipment.

This type of lease provides several flexible options at the conclusion of the lease agreement. Typically the lessee will have the option to return the equipment to the lessor, renew the terms, or can purchase the equipment for the fair market value. Many customers that purchase equipment which tend to rapidly decrease in value select this type of equipment lease.

A Dollar Abandonment Lease may also be referred to as a Capital Lease. This type of lease guarantees the option to purchase the equipment for the amount of one dollar ($1) at the conclusion of the lease agreement. Customers that plan to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term typically select the Dollar Buyout option.

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Equipment Lease Structures

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